Compassionate Care & Acceptance

I am a clinical and forensic psychologist with practices located in Burnaby, British Columbia.. In my practice, I provide a wide range of clinical services including psychological treatment, assessment, and consultation. Providing treatment to assist my clients in overcoming current challenges is but one aspect of my work. My therapeutic approach extends beyond addressing the immediate difficulties, and encompasses the broader perspective of assisting my clients in ultimately creating a healthy and fulfilling life: a life that brings satisfaction and joy, and is more resilient to future stresses. There is excellent empirical evidence that psychotherapy can help people in this journey. One large study found that the averge person who completes therapy is emotionally healthier than 80% of people who did not receive therapy. Another study found that psychotherapy could be significantly (as much as thirty-two times) more cost-effective at improving well being than simply earning more money. When compared to conventional medical treatments, receiving psychotherapy is fifty-nine times more effective than taking aspirin to prevent heart attacks. The first step to healing and moving forward with your life is to reach out to someone who can help. When you are ready, I will accompany you on the journey toward the goals you desire.

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