My Fees

Unfortunately, psychological services are not covered by the Medical Services Plan of BC. My fee for standard psychological services is based on the current recommended rate of $200.00 per hour. Contact me directly for fee rates for forensic and psycho-legal assessments.

The following funding sources may be available:

Extended Health Benefits: Clients who have extended health benefits, or who are covered by a family member's extended health benefits, may submit my receipts for partial reimbursement. Check with your insurance company to find out the amount of your annual coverage for services from a Registered Psychologist.

Crime Victim Assistance Program: If you are the victim of a crime that occurred in BC after July 1st, 1972, and that has been reported to the police, you may be eligible for funding for psychological treatment. Consult the CVAP webpage for additional information.

RCMP: Member cards are accepted.

Veterans Affairs Canada: I am a registered provider with VAC, which provides mental health services for veterans, Canadian Forces members, and family members of those living with mental health conditions. Consult the VAC Mental Health page for additional information.

Disability Insurance: If you are receiving short-term or long-term benefits from a disability insurance company, this insurance company may fund psychological treatment. This needs to be pre-approved by your case manager or adjuster.

Income Tax Deduction: Psychologists' fees are income tax deductible as medical expenses. Ask your tax preparation expert for details and conditions.

Emergency Financial Assistance for Canadians Victimized Abroad: Canadians who were the victim of a violent crime in a foreign jurisdiction and their family members may apply for funding for various expenses, including psychological treatment. Consult The Victims Fund for eligibility criteria and application forms.

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